How To Massage. Find out the best way to massage your pregnant wife.

Finding out how to massage your lady can definitely be perhaps the best steps you can take for your marriage, particularly if you find out exactly what she prefers before she becomes pregnant with your kids. A wise and caring man uses this not simply as a romantic gesture, but additionally as an action to simply show their wife exactly how much he pays attention to her and genuinely cares about her. If you happen to see her, and she has her hands on her back and she seems tired or anxious, go over to her and ask her if she would want to sit down for a little bit, put her legs up, and let your magic fingers take her concerns away till she feels better. She might not indicate it immediately, however she will be immensely grateful to you for doing so.

How to Massage - Appropriate Position

Learning how to massage a woman when she's not currently pregnant is a lot simpler than learning the same talent when she actually is pregnant for just one very obvious reason: She can't lay down on her belly with out the fear of hurting the baby. Because of this, the both of you are going to be forced to get a tad creative and select different positions for her to assume. One of the very first positions I’ve noticed spouses try out will be to have their spouses kneel down by the bed, angling forwards in to the bed, and just letting the bed to assist her. As long as she's able to allow her full weight to rest in the legs and against the bed, this posture will allow the muscles in her shoulders and back to rest. It will even make it much simpler to get to all of her back, shoulder area, and even sides (if she’s not very ticklish!) and do a really good job of it. Make sure you place several really soft towels or simply a pillow underneath her knees and ankles or she'll be unable to keep this position for too long.

When you’re trying to figure out how to massage your wife, one more position she can consider would be to lay upon her side with her shoulders leaning down, however her tummy must be perpendicular (which is, at a right angle to) the ground. I’ve talked to several ladies who said this isn’t as comfortable as the first position explained, but it will get a great deal of weight off her back bone and aid her muscles to release also. As with the earlier posture, make sure and place a cushion or perhaps a few towels under important regions of her body, like her head and maybe also her hips if she’s not naturally padded there. Don’t forget about her knees and ankles either as lying down on her side can create pressure points there.

A final posture that one could have her take may be the easiest of all: Have her sit down in the most comfortable chair in your house or even lie down next to you on the couch and let her place her legs/feet over your own legs and just massage her lower body like that.